Executive Board Officers:
  • Lloyd Anderson
    Bedford Heights
  • Nicole Dailey Jones
    Vice President
    North Olmsted
  • Tres Roeder
    Shaker Heights
  • Gary Sherck
    Moreland Hills
Executive Board Members:
  • Jim Astorino
    Brook Park
  • Linda Garrity
    Olmsted Falls
  • Eloise Hardin
    Oakwood Village
  • Gary Sorace
  • Sharri Thomas
    Maple Heights
Immediate Past President:
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Video: State Funding: What Local Government Can Expect

NOCCA Forum September 17, 2012 Speaker: Susan Cave, Executive Director, Ohio Municiple League at the Maple Heights Public Library: Leaders of municipalities, townships, park districts and Ohio’s 88 counties have formed the Local Govern- ment Fund Coalition to help preserve vital services provided to every Ohioan. The Local Government Fund has been an important and stable source of local government revenue for almost 20 years. Over the past three years, however, the LGF has seen substantial reductions due to a shrinking state general fund and additional reductions imposed by the General Assembly. For FY 12, the LGF is funded at only 76 percent of the statutory requirement. Ohio returns a portion of state taxes collected to taxpayers in each county, town- ship, city and village through the Local Government Fund. The $590.2 million in tax revenue sent back home in 2010 paid for a wide range of vital services from police, fire and ambulances, to parks and recreation to public health clinics, homeland security and natural disaster response. Services supplied only at the local level, such as fire protection, police, senior and child welfare programs, are endangered.


The Northeast Ohio City Council Association, Inc.(NOCCA) is a voluntary association of members of municipal Councils.